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Great Startup Resources

Great Startup Resources

This page is a living document with the purpose of helping entrepreneurs find useful resources in areas of confusion. The resources will be biased towards early stage startup, given that Hypercare is one :)

Equity Calculator

Joel's take on splitting equity


Growth is King - How to base your decisions, does it help you grow your userbase?

Building successful software company - The importance of hiring the best

How Vital is Marketing? - Why so many products fail, even if it's built wonderfully

Investment Knowledge

Detailed Guide to Investment

NACO Common Docs on Investment - Great Canadian Shared Resources on Common, Preferred Shares, convertibles, Canadian SAFEs

CapTable Calculator - Great way to calculated the cap table

Pitch Decks

These are great pitch decks that you can base your pitches on
StaffJoy Pitch Deck - Raised $1.7M

Front Series A Pitch Deck - Raised $10M


Introduced by Ycombinator, it's a convertible note without being a "debt". Early stage startups benefit from this, saving it from long and costly legal process with priced rounds. Furthermore, startups do not have to randomly come up with a valuation of the company.
|Pre-Seed | Seed |

Types of SAFES Summary: No Cap No Discount | Cap, No Discount | Cap and Discount | MFN (Most Favorable Notion) No Cap and No Discount

SAFE Template (American) - Ycombinator

Blogs to Follow as an Entrepreneur

Paul Graham (YC's founder) - Great insight from seeing a perspective as someone who seen many companies got in and out

AVC (Managing Director of Union Venture Fund) - Same reason as Paul's blog

Buffer's Open Blog - Fantastic insight on a fairly successful startup on how they approached difficult decisions

Joel Spolsky's Blog - Founder of Stackoverflow/Trello/Fogcreek - Technical software insight, product insight, product management lessons

Post Mortem

Marketing is Key, Don't forget that - Great post about the importance of marketing, not just building.


Email Template for Investors - Great template to base your emails to advisors and investors

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